What Hong Kong Schools Do That U.S. Hospitals Need To Start

What Hong Kong Schools Do That U.S. Hospitals Need To Start
January 7, 2019 0 Comments


Keeping infection from spreading by screening students for fever before entering school is a practice U.S. hospital are encouraged to start.  

Children get their temperature read before entering school.

This morning I took a quick jog through the streets of Hong Kong.  I passed several schools and watched the children flow into the schools with notes in their hands.  Every child in Hong Kong is required to have their temperature taken by their parents each morning and provide a signed note to the school with the temperature reading.  Anyone that shows up to school without a note is required to have their temperature taken by the school. 

Hong Kong is densely populated and the spread of infections such as SARs and Influenza is of great concern.  They understand the correlation between fever and infection and take it seriously. 

This practice proves the prevention of infection spread using fever screening to be the most effective way to prevent infection spread.  This is further supported by the field trial study conducted by IC.tips on behalf of Wello, Inc. showing the welloStation “Improves Workplace Health” by overcomming the employees’ “opinion of their health” with the factual hands-free fever screening of employees to detect whether or not they have an acute temperature – the best indicator of infection. 

To read the full study, visit this link and to see the welloStation in action yourself, please schedule a demonstration onlinewith our team here.

Remember, fever screening provides you with a more accurate method of determining who is contagious and who is not contagious based on the person’s body temperature.  This approach also alleviates the risk of healthcare acquired infection spread within hospitals and long-term-care settings by reducing the number of employees who are “working sick.”


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