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Fever is the best predictor of infection. The WelloStationX is the only self-serve, touchless clinical thermometer. Connect with us to discover the quick, safe, and accurate solution for elevated body temperature screening.

Stay Safe

WelloStationX is self-serve and hands-free. Introduce temperature checks without the cost or exposure risk of an individual with a thermometer

Stay Accurate

Clinically-tested and cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device, WelloStationX gives you repeatable and unambiguous results

Stay Informed

With over 2 million scans, we are the trusted solution for healthcare, governments, and Fortune 500 companies alike

Wello Solutions


WelloStationX is the only self-service, non-contact clinical thermometer. It is clinically tested and FDA Cleared as a Class II medical device. The welloStationX empowers your employees with actionable information about potentially high-risk persons in real-time, helping protect against infection spread.


WelloWatch™ is a free mobile app that keeps you alerted to local weather conditions conducive to viral spread and susceptibility. It uses relative humidity (RH) and dew point to report risk based on a three color (red, yellow, green) scale.

Self-service non-contact body temperature screening

Stop and Check. Don't Infect.

Evidence-based, tested, and proven in hospitals, jails, and care centers across the country, Wello solutions are unique.  They provide data that allows users to help prevent disease spread before it becomes epidemic.  Learn more about how Wello’s solutions can help you.




Help Protect Your Patients and Staff From Infection Spread

It only takes one person to spread disease. Infectious carriers are often unaware of their state. Merely walking into the wrong part of your facility puts those you serve and your staff at risk, as well as, your reputation.

The welloStationX™ can empower your employees with actionable information about potentially high-risk persons in real-time, while helping to protecting them and your in-house patient population from infection exposure.


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