welloStation™ Keeps Infection Out

It only takes one person to spread disease. Infectious carriers are often unaware of their state. Merely walking into the wrong part of your facility puts those you serve and your staff at risk, as well as, your reputation.

The welloStation™ solution is hands-free and self service, providing you with a barrier of defense against the spread of disease in three important ways:

  •  Identifying potentially infectious persons without risk to healthcare staff
  •  Notifying healthcare personnel of individuals who may be contagious
  •  Reducing the risk of infection by keeping potentially ill persons away from at-risk patients

The welloStation™ is the only disease control solution capable of empowering your employees with actionable information about potentially high-risk persons in real-time, while protecting them and your in-house population from contagion exposure.

How welloStation™ Works

The welloStation™ is a hands-free, self service, high-volume fever screening unit capable of detecting fever using infrared technology. When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an on-screen notification appears. Simultaneously, the individual’s time and date stamped photograph is immediately emailed confidentially to your staff. This allows your employees to stay germ-free, and still take the appropriate next steps to prevent the fevered person from spreading infection to others.

“I’m wello” affirms screened persons are “well” for your employees and those you serve.

For non-fevered persons, the welloStation™ prints out an “I’m wello” sticker. This badge identifies persons who have been screened and passed with a normal range temperature. This sticker can be worn during the time of their visit or workday, positively identifying them as a non-fevered person.

*Note, fever screening is not a diagnosis of fevered condition, however, it provides an added step of protection for your healthcare facility.