Wello® Solutions Stop Infection Spread and Foodborne Illness

Stopping the spread of infection must start at the source.  Whether it be persons entering your organization or unpasteurized foods carrying the risk of foodborne illness, identifying and preventing the spread of disease is paramount.  

The wello® Solution family of products gives you a new defense against these risks, by automatically identifying out of range temperature for persons or food, and notifying your staff before disease spreads.

We have three products that help protect you, your employees and your reputation.

welloStation™ Keeps Infection Out 

It only takes one person to spread disease. Infectious carriers are often unaware of their state. Merely walking into the wrong part of your facility puts those you serve and your staff at risk, as well as, your reputation.

The welloStation™ solution is hands-free and self service, providing you with a barrier of defense against the spread of disease in three important ways:

  1.  Identifying potentially infectious persons without risk to healthcare staff
  2.  Notifying healthcare personnel of individuals who may be contagious
  3.  Reducing the risk of infection by keeping potentially ill persons away from at-risk patients

The welloStation™ is the only disease control solution capable of empowering your employees with actionable information about potentially high-risk persons in real-time, while protecting them and your in-house population from contagion exposure.

How welloStation™ Works

The welloStation™ is a hands-free, self service, high-volume fever screening unit capable of detecting fever using infrared technology.  When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an on-screen notification appears. Simultaneously, the individual’s time and date stamped photograph is immediately emailed confidentially to your staff.  This allows your employees to stay germ-free, and still take the appropriate next steps to prevent the fevered person from spreading infection to others.

“I’m wello” affirms screened persons are “well” for your employees and those you serve.

For non-fevered persons, the welloStation™ prints out an “I’m wello” sticker. This badge identifies persons who have been screened and passed with a normal range temperature. This sticker can be worn during the time of their visit or workday, positively identifying them as a non-fevered person.

*Note, fever screening is not a diagnosis of fevered condition, however, it provides an added step of protection for your healthcare facility.

SKYwello™ Prevents, Automates, and Protects

Running a restaurant requires hard work and attention to detail. Line checks are a critical step in preparing for your restaurant’s rush.  During these times, it is especially hard to check and record food temperature consistently, and it’s nearly impossible to do so for every plate.  

Stop foodborne illness spread with SKYwello™ and never miss a line check with the power of hands-free, automation. This ceiling mounted device is positioned above your food preparation area, and it uses computer-aided learning technology combined with pin-point infrared thermography to screen your plates during line check for safe temperature ranges. If a plate is found to be “out of safe temperature range,” the complementary wall mounted display will automatically flash a notice and simultaneously notify your kitchen staff via email.

With SKYwello™ you have the assurance of:

  • Reducing the risk of foodborne illness
  • Performing line checks on-time, all the time.
  • Freeing up your kitchen staff from time-consuming temperature checks
  • Protecting your reputation and you patrons from foodborne illness outbreaks

This revolutionary technology gives you an automated defense against the spread of foodborne illness

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Stay aware of high-risk infection times with welloWatch™

The weather has a lot to do with the spread of disease. Air quality, humidity and a number of other factors amount to significantly more favorable conditions for infection spread. The best defense to disease spread is being prepared, and that’s why we created the welloWatch™ app.

Free welloWatch™ mobile app notifies you of high risk of infection spread anywhere, anytime

The app uses real-time, geo-specific susceptibility risk updates to your location, making it easier to predict days when your staff and patients are at higher risk of contagion spread. It is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.