Protect Your Staff and Your Inmates Automatically With wello Products®

What do Mardi Gras, Saint Patricks Day and New Year’s Eve have in common? They are all high arrest times when you may have an increase in new inmates. These are persons you know little about and you may, or may not, be able to talk to in their native language.

Your medical staff is responsible for inmate intake, a risky proposition when you consider how little you truly know. With international travel, worldwide epidemics like ebola and criminals in transit, preventing infection spread can become a challenge.

Stopping infection from spreading throughout your jail is key. The welloStation™ enables you to screen for fever before inmates enter and without the necessity of healthcare personnel. The free-standing, hands-free fever screening kiosk instantly detects inmates for fever, and those with high temperatures are identified immediately.

Combine welloStation™ with SKYwello™ and you will be able to stop inmates persons from entering, while reducing the risk of foodborne illness by automating line check during food preparation.

Top 3 Ways WelloStation™ and SKYwello™ Stop Infection Spread Before It Starts

#1 Stop infection before it starts with hands-free, self service fever detection
Placing the welloStation™ hands-free kiosk at the entrance of your intake area or at the courthouse enables you to detect fever in inmates before they enter. In just thirty seconds, the welloStation™ kiosk takes numerous readings of the infrared energy emitted from the inner canthus of the bicanthal plane. Based on these readings, the body temperature is computed and inmates with elevated temperature are identified on-screen. The hands-free kiosk alleviates the risk of disease spread by eliminating the need for healthcare personnel to screen for fever and sanitize devices.
#2 Notify jail and healthcare personnel of potential health risks
If inmates with a high temperature are identified, the welloStation™ will immediately send a confidential email containing the time and date stamped picture of the individual. By distinguishing these persons, your healthcare team will be able to get a fit for confinement and take them to the hospital.
#3 Reduce the risk of foodborne illness spread with automated, hands-free line checks
SKYwello™ makes sure every line check is performed on-time and recorded in the cloud. You staff is able to view any out-of-range plates instantly via the welloDASH™ wall or counter mount device. SKYwello™ ensures your food preparation line check is automatic. This helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth and consequentially the risk of foodborne illness.

WelloStation™ and SKYwello™ give you a full spectrum of infection control and foodborne illness prevention from the time inmates enter to the time they are released. Combined with good hygiene practices, wello® gives your jail staff members the power they need to prevent infection spread to their healthcare contractors and inmates alike.