HITS Consortium Encouraged To Screen For Fever to Prevent Infection

HITS Consortium Encouraged To Screen For Fever to Prevent Infection
September 13, 2017 0 Comments



Wello CEO Rik Heller spoke today at the HITS Consortium annual conference on “fever as the best indicator of infection” and how detecting fevered persons prior to entry into the healthcare organization is better than today’s practice of “cleaning after all the spreading.”  

As a panelist for the HITS 2017 Conference theme is “Catalyst for Change,” Mr. Heller explained how “the amount of virus we spread at given time is exponentially portional to fever.”  This means we spread or “shed” virus germs more when we are fevered than we are not.  

Mr. Heller is working to educate the healthcare community of this fact, and to encourage them to move away from cleaning and sanitization practices solely focused on post-infection decontamination.  The better approach, according to Mr. Heller’s peer-review proven and field tested welloStation is to screen potentially infectious persons like visitors and vendors before they enter hospitals, rehabs or clinics.  This proactive approach is new to the community who has previously focused on hand santizatio practices as the best way to prevent disease spread.

The HITS 2017 Conference is bringing together thought leaders (research scientists, industry and healthcare professionals) in the area of the practice of infection control and prevention to explore new options leading to improved methods for stopping contagions from spreading to patients who may have a weakened immune system and otherwise healthy persons like staff members.

If you were not able to attend the HITS Conference, you can still stay involved!  Here are few great ways to act now and prevent infectio spread before flu season is in full swing!

> Learn more about welloStation in Healthcare

> Schedule a demonstration of the welloStation

> Download the welloStation brochure 

> Read the peer-reivew study of welloStation efficacy in hospitals 

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