Our Mission

Our founder, Rik Heller, created the welloStation™ solution to answer the call for creating a better way to control disease using technology as a replacement for human interaction. As the pioneer inventor of automated, wireless temperature monitoring using sensors and cloud-based technology with his former company FreshLoc Technologies, Inc., now Mesa Labs, he recognized the need for improved disease control and contagion management in healthcare.

Today, welloStation™ addresses the need to control the spread of epidemics and pandemics by providing healthcare professionals with an alternative to traditional hand washing and sanitization practices. In his experience helping Dallas ISD control the spread of Ebola in 2014, Rik committed his research and development efforts to design a more effective, self service, hands-free solution for detecting, identifying and notifying healthcare personnel of potentially contagious persons before they are exposed to well persons.

“Stopping the spread of infection by proactively detecting fevered persons, in a self-service fashion, enables us to control disease at a whole new level. Due to the urgent need for infection prevention and control catalyzed by growing antimicrobial resistance, we created a better solution focused on stopping the spread of disease. Infection is passed by humans, so creating a hands-free, self services solution to control exposure seemed to be the most logical next step.” Rik Heller, Chairman and CEO of Wello Inc.
The team at Wello™ continually strives to find ways to leverage technology for the prevention of disease spread. We are dedicated to helping infectious disease professionals implement automated defenses against disease, while preserving the health of employees and patients.