Hospitals and Patient Care Facilities Can Prevent Infection Before It Starts With wello® Solutions

Although healthcare providers and regulatory bodies have long stood by the practice of hand washing and sanitization to control the spread of disease, there is still no effective way to protect your facility from being exposed to potentially contagious persons entering high-risk patient areas.

That’s why we created welloStation™ as a hands-free, self-service fever screening solution and more. The solution detects fevered persons. When this occurs, your staff is automatically notified via email or text with a time and date stamped picture of the potentially infectious person.

Learn more about how the welloStation™ and SKYwello™ can help you prevent hospital acquired infections and foodborne illnesses.

Top 5 Ways WelloStation™ and SKYwello™ Stop Infection Spread

Better Than Hand Washing and Sanitation Practices Alone

#1 Identify persons with elevated temperature BEFORE they enter
Placing the welloStation™ hands-free kiosk at the entrance of every high-risk patient care department or facility enables you to detect fever in visitors before they enter. In just three seconds, the welloStation™ kiosk takes numerous readings of the infrared energy emitted from the inner canthus of the bicanthal plane. Based on these readings, the body temperature is computed and individuals with elevated temperatures are identified on-screen. The hands-free kiosk alleviates the risk of disease spread by eliminating the need for healthcare personnel to screen for fever and sanitize devices.
#2 Notify healthcare personnel of potential risks
If persons with a high temperature are identified, the welloStation™ will immediately send a confidential email containing the time and date stamped picture of the individual. By distinguishing these persons, your healthcare team will be able to immediately enact disease prevention protocols to protect patients and coworkers. SKYwello™ ensures your food preparation line check is automatic. This helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth and consequentially the risk of foodborne illness.
#3 Improve patient outcomes with best-practice infection control
Adding the welloStation™ to your infection control regimen gives your healthcare facility access to the only self-service, hands free disease control intervention including fever detection, identification and notification in one solution.
#4 Reduce risks to healthcare professionals
With the outbreak of pandemics and epidemics like Ebola with short treatment windows or no known cure, you cannot risk the chance of your healthcare workers being exposed to highly infectious diseases. The welloStation solution gives you a best-practices defense against disease spread by identifying persons with elevated body temperature before they interact with your staff. SKYwello can also protect patients from foodborne illness.
#5 Keep your reputation safe
Your healthcare personnel trust you to keep them safe in the midst of caring for others. However, disease can still spread inside a hospital or care facility. If the disease infects your employees, this can open the door to a brand-damaging affair, or worse, a costly lawsuit. This risk is also present with patients who could sue your facility if they contract disease or infection while being treated. Avoid these risks to your brand and your bottom line by instituting hands-free fever screening with the welloStation™ solution in high-traffic, high-risk areas of your facility. Keep infection out and your healthcare team, patients and brand healthy.