Wello Inc. Launches welloStation™ and SKYwello™ at Texas Restaurant Marketplace 2017

Wello Inc. Launches welloStation™ and SKYwello™ at Texas Restaurant Marketplace 2017
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First automated, hands-free time theft and foodborne illness prevention solution 

DALLAS, TX | July 7, 2017 – Wello Inc., maker of welloStation™ and SKYwello™, launches new “ring-of-protection” solution for restaurant professionals providing automated, hands-free time theft and foodborne illness prevention. Wello Inc. will launch the solution on July 9th at the 2017 Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace show in Dallas, Texas. SKYwello™ and welloStation™ provide an automated alternative to traditionally manual processes geared to help restaurants improve food safety, save time, and reduce labor costs.

SKYwello™ was first announced, while still in development, at the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show this May. There, Foodable recognized SKYwello™ as a “2017 Top Innovation for Automation.” SKYwello™ is an automated, hands-free solution for one of the restaurant industry’s greatest challenges, foodborne illness spread, commonly known as food poisoning. Nationally, upwards of 48 million Americans suffer from this sickness every year. Restaurant managers, chefs and quality control professionals work hard to prevent illness spread, however, 47% of cases are reportedly due to “bare-handed contact” with food.

SKYWello™ alleviates the need for “bare-handed” temperature checks performed using a hand-held thermometer. Instead, the solution automatically monitors food temperature every few seconds from a hands-free, ceiling mount. Instantly, any food item detected with an unsafe temperature will be flagged with an alert on the complementary “pad-sized” kitchen wall display, while simultaneously notifying restaurant staff on screen, and via email or text . This multi-modal notification immediately stops plates from being served that could be dangerous to patrons.

The welloStation™ is an automated, hands free photo-based time clock that instantly screens employees for fever at clock-in. Restaurant owners and managers use the solution to affirm employees are at work and working fever free. Fever is the first sign of infection, so preventing fevered employees from making contact with food reduces the risk of foodborne illness spread, while avoiding infecting coworkers. Overall welloStation™ reduces staff cost and improves workplace health.

Wello Inc. is exhibiting at the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace show. Live demonstrations of the product will be performed in the SKYwello™ booth #834.

Wello Inc. is a pioneer in the temperature monitoring industry. Its mission is to develop new solutions for various industries dedicated to ending the spread of infection and promoting a healthy work environment. Find out more about SKYwello and welloStation at www.welloinc.com, follow on Twitter @Wello_Inc., #welloStation and #SKYwello.



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