SKYwello™ Automates Temperature Checks and Prevents Foodborne Illness Spread

Running a restaurant requires hard work and attention to detail. Line checks are a critical step in preparing for your restaurant’s rush.  During these times, it is especially hard to check and record food temperature consistently, and it’s nearly impossible to do so for every plate.  

With SKYwello™ Temperature Checks Are Automatic

Now you can completely automate the process of checking food temperature during line checks, because SKYwello automatically scans, verifies and records every item on the line’s temperature for safe, pasteurized preparation.  The ceiling mount placement is  maintenance free and it requires zero counter space.

SKYwello Is Smart And Social

Built-in computer-aided learning technology combined with pin-point infrared thermography screens every food item in seconds.  If a plate is found to be “out of safe temperature range,” the complementary wall mounted display automatically flashes a notice; while simultaneously notifying your kitchen staff via email or text of a potential foodborne illness risk.

SKYwello™ Helps You By:

  • Reducing the risk of foodborne illness
  • Freeing up your kitchen staff from time-consuming temperature checks
  • Protecting your reputation and you patrons from foodborne illness outbreaks

How SKYwello™ Works

Any restaurateur can save staff time and stop foodborne illness outbreaks by using SKYwello™, because it makes temperature assessment during line checks automatic.