See welloStation™ Live, Booth #1034 at TX Sheriff’s Conference

See welloStation™ Live, Booth #1034 at TX Sheriff’s Conference
July 13, 2017 0 Comments
See How Automated welloStation PREVENTS INFECTION Spread BEFORE INTAKE

The #139th Texas Sheriff’s Association conference will be packed with new ideas and best practices for correctional professionals.  

A hot topic on everyone’s mind is inmate infection control, since more and more international travelers are visiting and living in the Lone Star State.  We will be demonstrating live in-booth how jails can use the welloStation™for inmate infection prevention and control.  

Why stop by booth #1034 to see welloStation at the conference?

1. We will show you EXACTLY how you can PREVENT inmate infectio BEFORE danger strikes!

2. Avoid the risk of deadly disease spread at intake using automated, hands-free fever detection!

3. SAVE and PROTECT your staff and inmates from HARMFUL and potentially DEADLY disease like ebola!




Learn How Collin County Jail Uses welloStation™ To Stop Disease Spread Before It Starts

Proven over the past three years at the Collin County Jail, Captain Bryce Thompson and his staff have used this hands-free, fever detection and notification technology to prevent inmate infection spread at intake.

Here’s what Captain Thompson has to say about how welloStation™ helps

captain-thompson.png“Since the ebola case in Dallas three years ago, we have used the welloStation™ to screen inmates at intake for fever.  We like the fact that the station is hands-free and self service.  If a fever is detected, we are immediately notified.  

I really like that the welloStation™ protects our staff and our inmates by keeping infectious persons out of the jail.”

If you would like to learn more, but are not attending the conference, please contact Rob Shrell or read “Why Use 


In Jails.”  Learn more about the power of preventative or “barrier technology” and its positive outcomes for infection prevention and control in this blog post by welloStation™ inventor, Rik Heller. 


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