See The Invention Restaurants Are Using To Stop Foodborne Illness

See The Invention Restaurants Are Using To Stop Foodborne Illness
October 19, 2017 0 Comments

Food safety is of top concern, especially during drier, colder winter months.  Learn how SKYwello, awarded Top Innovation for Automation, prevents foodborne illness in a new way. 

Restaurant Quality Control professionals are looking for new ways to prevent foodborne illness spread.  Some of the common challenges they face in keeping foodborne illness at bay include the ability to prevent employees from spreading illness through bare hand contact with food.

One of the main ways to prevent employees from accidentally spreading germs in this manner is to use the SKYWello to check food for safe temperature before it is served to patrons.  The ceiling-mount device automatically checks food temperature – without the necessity of hand-held devices, thereby alleviating the need for bare-hand contact checks.

In recognition of this food quality improvement, SKYwello™ was recognized by FoodableTV as aTop Innovation for Automation” at NRA 2017. In fact an executive leader at a large restaurant group told commented at the show, “SKYwello solves 80% of my problems – automatically.” 

Want to use SKYwello to improve food safety, automattically?

Educate yourself and your staff:

> Request a demo of SKYwello demo for your restaurant

> Watch this foodable Network video interview with the inventor of SKYwello, Rik Heller as he explains how restaurants can stop foodborne illness using SKYwello.

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