Wello® Solutions Help Stop Infection Spread

Stopping the spread of infection must start at the source – identifying and preventing the spread of disease is paramount.

The wello® Solution family of products helps defend against these risks. They can automatically identify visitors or staff members with elevated temperatures at your facility and notify your staff before disease spreads.

WelloStationX™ Helps Keep Infections Out

It only takes one person to spread disease, and they might not be aware they’re a spreader. Elevated body temperature is the leading indicator of contagiousness but was difficult to easily and accurately screen for – until now.

How welloStationX™ Works

The welloStationX™ is a hands-free, self-service, high-volume body temperature screening unit. When the station detects a person with an elevated temperature, an on-screen notification appears. Then, the individual’s time and date stamped photograph are emailed confidentially to your staff, helping your employees stay germ-free while preventing the potentially contagious person from spreading the infection to others.

For people with temperatures below the threshold , the welloStationX™ prints out an “I’m wello” sticker they can wear during their visit or workday, making their ”wello” status clear.

The welloStationX™ solution helps provide you with a barrier of defense against the spread of disease in three important ways:

  • Identifying potentially contagious people without risk to staff
  • Notifying personnel of visitors or employees who may be contagious
  • Help reduce the risk of infection spread by keeping potentially contagious people away from vulnerable populations

Evidence-based, tested, and proven in hospitals and care centers across the country, welloStationX™ provides temperature data that helps companies and care providers act before infections become epidemics.

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*Body temperature screening is not a diagnosis of a fevered condition but provides an added step of protection for your facility.

Stay aware of high-risk infection times with welloWatch™

The weather has a lot to do with the spread of disease. Air quality, low absolute humidity, and other factors can create perfect conditions for infections to flourish and spread. The best defense against disease spread is knowledge of risk, and that’s why we created the welloWatch™ app.

Free welloWatch™ mobile app notifies you of high risk of infection spread anywhere, anytime

The app uses real-time, geo-specific susceptibility risk updates for your location, helping you predict days when individuals are at a higher risk of contagion spread. Get it for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

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