Rik Heller Presents At CAEM 2017 On Visualizing Disease Spread

Rik Heller Presents At CAEM 2017 On Visualizing Disease Spread
September 22, 2017 0 Comments

If you are planning on attending the upcoming Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM 2017) conference, join Rik Heller, Wello Inc. CEO and inventor of welloStation for automated infection prevention.  He will be speaking on September 28th at 8:15am on: 


Visualizing the Invisible – Visualizing Disease Spread, The Facts And The Alt –facts

Mr. Heller will cover key points critical to the prevention of disease spread including:

– How contagions are spread at work

– Knowing when you are most susceptible to infection

– Understanding why fevered persons are more dangerous than you think

– Knowing the difference between facts of disease spread and “old wives’ tales”

– New ways to prevent infection spread while caring for in-patient populations

– What you can do to prevent influenza and common infectious disease spread 



Also, don’t miss Dr. Murray Cohen’s talk on “Occupational Infections: Aids To Zika on the same day right after, at 9:15am.

In between sessions, you are also invited to see a live demonstration of the welloStation™ in action – winner of the InfectionControl.tips 2017 Top Innovations award.


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