Don’t Risk Missing Line Checks, Automate Them With SKYwello™

You know the restaurant business has peak times everyday.  Whether you serve breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three, getting food prepped and out of the kitchen can feel like a race to the finish. Chefs and kitchen staff must be mindful of food quality and presentation – but in the heat of the moment – may not have time to perform line checks.

This is a simple, yet frequent mishap, which can lead to serious consequences like Chipotle Mexican Grill® experienced with their foodborne illness outbreak in February of 2016.

We can monitor the temperature of foods in the preparation line, although this process is often laborious and overlooked. Since we cannot see foodborne bacteria with the naked eye, preventing the growth and spread of problematic bacteria is like a hidden monster.

Shed light on these hidden culprits with SKYwello™. This automated, ceiling mount system uses computer-aided learning based on time-stamped thermo graphic images of food. Every few second, SKYwello™ takes and tracks the temperature of foods on your line check automatically, freeing up your kitchen staff to do what matters most – make perfect meals.

Combine SKYwello™ with welloStation™ to stop infectious persons from working, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illness communicated through the “working sick.” The welloStation kiosk or wall-mount tool also tracks time and empowers your restaurants to screen for fever before food is affected, while tracking employee’s clock-in and clock-out time.

Top 3 Ways WelloStation™ and SKYwello™ Stop Foodborne Illness Better Than Hand Washing and Sanitation Practices Alone

#1 Reduce the risk of foodborne illness spread with automated, hands-free line checks
SKYwello™ makes sure every line check is performed on-time and recorded in the cloud. You staff is able to view any plates that are out of safe temperature range instantly via the welloDASH™ wall mount device. In the same moment, select quality control or kitchen employees are notified via email.
#2 Stop your staff from “working sick” and prevent illness spread
Having the welloStation™ hands-free system where your employees clock-in enables you to screen for fever before your staff start work. In just thirty seconds, the welloStation™ takes numerous readings of the infrared energy emitted from the inner canthus of the bicanthal plane. Based on these readings, the body temperature is computed and individuals with elevated temperatures are identified on-screen. The hands-free kiosk alleviates the risk of disease spread to coworkers and to foods they would otherwise have prepared.
#3 Ensure your patrons enjoy their food and stay healthy
Chipotle Mexican Grill experienced devastating ramifications from their outbreak that extended far beyond the moment it occurred. The CDC’s involvement and press over the incident caused the chain to lose millions of dollars and have their brand forever mired in the minds of their customers.

WelloStation™ and SKYwello™ give you a full spectrum of foodborne illness prevention from the time your employees come to work to the time they leave. Combined with good hygiene practices, wello® gives your restaurant staff the power they need to prevent infection, and giving your patrons the delicious meals they expect and appreciate.