See How Long-Term Care Facilities Protect Residents with welloStation

Caring for seniors is a challenging yet rewarding job. Whether you’re part of a senior living facility, skilled nursing home or a long-term care facility, your residents have turned to you for support. No matter what the facility, the goal is always the same: to offer residents the best quality of life.

To do so comes with difficulties. In many cases, residents struggle with chronic illnesses and depend on the staff to help them stay as active and healthy as possible.

Protecting the health and wellness of resident is crucial, but with so many people coming in and out of your facility – from family members to vendors – it’s hard to prevent illness from spreading.

What if there was a way to prevent the spread of illness and protect your residents? There is. welloStation is a hands-free kiosk that scans guests for a fever before they enter your facility. If a guest has a fever, staff is notified via email so they can take action.

Here’s how welloStation prevents illness:

#1 Identify at-risk guests before they interact with residents
By setting up the welloStation in your lobby, you can scan guests for a fever before they come in contact with any residents.

Guests simply stand in front of the welloStation and infrared technology scans the person for a fever. If no fever is detected, an "I'm wello" sticker is printed. If a fever is detected, the guest is alerted on screen.
#2 Staff is notified of potential risk
If a guest arrives with a fever, the welloStation sends designated personnel an email with a picture of the person that's running a fever. The alert allows staff to discreetly take action or begin disease prevention protocols.

welloStation is a self-service kiosk so staff doesn't have to attend to it.
#3 Improve patient outcomes
By identifying fevered guests before they visit a resident or walk through a community living space, you can prevent the spread of illness.

For residents with weak immune systems or immune deficiencies, an illness like the flu can be detrimental to their health. That's why it's so important to fever-screen guests to prevent outbreaks from occurring and provide the best patient outcomes possible.
#4 Reduce risk to staff
Your staff is crucial to the care of residents. Without them, the top-notch support that you work to provide is jeopardized.

By using welloStation, you aren't just protecting residents but staff too. If a contagious guest comes to visit and brings the flu into your facility, your residents and staff are at risk of contracting influenza. welloStation prevents a contagious outbreak that could keep your staff from doing their job effectively.
#5 Keep your reputation safe
A long-term care facility's reputation rests with its residents and staff. If either group is exposed to a contagious illness that could have been prevented, it can tarnish your reputation.

welloStation helps you take a proactive approach to disease prevention and shows everyone – residents, guests, staff and vendors – that health and safety are paramount in your facility.