Jail Professional – Register For Flu Prevention Webinar “Fever and Flu – Why It Matters”

Jail Professional – Register For Flu Prevention Webinar “Fever and Flu – Why It Matters”
October 9, 2017 0 Comments


Fever and flu drive the contagiousness of the influenza virus.  Now you can protect your correctional and healthcare staff, as well as inmates from visitors and inmates who may be contagious, but may not know they are spreading the illness. 

With “flu season” upon us, the risk to your inmate population is great. Even with the flu shot, your correctional and medical staff is at risk due to repeated exposure to contagious persons. Noted by Fox News as the most deadly, common-contact contagious illness, influenza is a costly illness you want to avoid.

Hear how local jails like Collin and Denton Counties have used welloStation™ to stop infection spread at the courthouse and at intake.  Join us for a 30-minute webinar to see how easy it is to screen inmates for a fever during the intake process – hands-free to prevent a potential flu outbreak.

“Fever and Flu – Why Temperature Matters”

Special Guest: Rik Heller, Infection Preventionist and welloStation™ Inventor

November 1st at 11:30am CST

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“Fever and Flu – Why Temperature Matters” 
Special Guest: Rik Heller, Infection Preventionist and welloStation™ Inventor 

Join your colleagues as we cover: 

  • The pathological relationship between fever and flu 
  • How body temperature impacts influenza spread 
  • Why “Super Spreaders” are your greatest concern 
  • What risk fevered “new inmates” pose to existing inmate populations 
  • Using fever screening as a method for improving infection prevention.

We look forward to having you join us on November 1st. Please socially share this post and invite others to join this important flu-prevention webinar event.

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