Infections in Jails: How WelloStationX Can Help

Infections in Jails
November 14, 2019 0 Comments

Anywhere you have large groups of people living in close conditions like below is a dream home for an infectious disease like the flu:

  • Hospitals
  • College dorms
  • Jails

So, if you manage a prison, how can you keep your inmates safe from dangerous and expensive infections running rampant?

The Basics Are Not Enough

You already know the basics of good hand hygiene and sanitation protocols and follow them carefully. But with a daily influx of new inmates, one cough or sneeze from them can be the trigger for a facility-wide epidemic. What if there were more you could do before the infection could enter your facility?

Install a welloStationX™ in Your Intake Area

Our self-service, hands-free kiosk, scans each inmate and takes their temperature in seconds. When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, a confidential and discreet email is sent immediately to a supervisor to take action.

Stopping It Before It Spreads

This screening happens before encountering medical staff and allows you to isolate anyone with an elevated temperature before they can spread illness.

That way, any inmate who needs medical treatment can receive it promptly while not straining the resources of your healthcare contractors. They already have enough on their plates.

Face Fewer Infections in Jails

The benefits for this quick and non-invasive screening abound for everyone – any potentially ill inmates can be identified and treated quickly, your staff will face fewer infections circulating the jail and coming back to them, and your facility as a whole will remain cleaner and safer for everyone in it.

Gives Staff Members the Power

Combined with good hygiene practices, welloStationX gives your jail staff members the power they need to help prevent infection spread to their healthcare contractors and inmates alike. It’s fast, taking only three seconds, so it doesn’t add significantly to intake time.

We Can Help

Want to see how a welloStationX could reduce infections in jails? Contact us today to schedule your free consult and get a customized demo from a wello® expert. Cold and flu season is already here – don’t wait!

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