Infection Outbreaks: Keeping Your Care Facility Clients Safe During

Infection Outbreaks
November 19, 2019 0 Comments

The elderly and those with chronic conditions are two of the highest risk populations for getting an infection (like the flu) during an outbreak.

When they become infected, the complications can be severe and lead to more adverse events than in the general population.

Infection outbreaks are more likely in areas where these populations are in large groups together, like:

  • Senior living centers
  • Skilled nursing homes
  • Long-term care facilities

How Do You Keep Your Vulnerable Clients Safe?

So, if you run a facility that cares for the elderly, how do you keep your vulnerable clients safe? With all the people coming in and out of your facility all day, it can be hard to keep contagious illnesses out during high-risk times like flu season.

And since people are often out and about while contagious, your job is even harder. Sure, there are accepted protocols to keep infections from spreading once they’re in your facility (hand hygiene and sanitization protocols), but what if there was a reliable way to screen individuals so you can keep those who are potentially contagious out of your facility and away from your clients?


You’re in luck – there is. It’s welloStationX™, a self-service, hands-free way to screen body temperature of anyone who enters your facility – whether it be visitors, vendors, or staff.

Since the welloStationX doesn’t require an employee to manage it, it feels innocuous, not accusatory, and helps save a staff member from constant exposure to possibly ill people.

Discreet and Confidential

The welloStationX alerts appropriate personnel of a person with an elevated temperature via a discreet and confidential email so proper further steps can be taken to prevent illness spread.

I’m Wello!

And if the person being screened has a temperature below the inputted threshold? They get a time and date stamped “I’m wello” sticker. They can go about their business, giving everyone around them peace of mind.

Three Seconds

welloStationX can precisely gauge a person’s temperature in just three seconds, in an easy, non-invasive way.

Of course, the presence of elevated temperature is not a diagnosis in itself. Still, it’s an excellent way to screen those who come into contact with your young or elderly clients as fever is the leading indicator of contagiousness.

Most infectious diseases, like the flu or norovirus, present with elevated body temperature in infected people (read more about why body temperature screening is effective in our previous blog post).

Protect Your Reputation

Keeping your clients safe from infection isn’t just good for their health, though we know that’s your top priority.

It helps protect your reputation as a facility and ensures you want to keep your clients and staff healthy. And just having a welloStationX in the lobby of your facility sends a few messages:

  • You care about the safety of your clients
  • Anyone with the sniffles should stay home

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