How welloStation™ Helps Hospitals Create A Patient Safety Culture

How welloStation™ Helps Hospitals Create A Patient Safety Culture
August 31, 2017 0 Comments

New welloStation™ Identifies Contagious Visitors and Vendors With Hands-Free Automation

High Volume Fever Screening & Notification Device Prevents Disease 

Patient safety is more important today than ever before.  Everyday visitors and vendors enter hospitals without being checked for fever, the first sign of infection.  This fact puts patients at risk of infection while in the care of healthcare staff, increasing the probability of Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI)’s caused by common illness like the flu.  

This fact makes sanitization practices such as hand washing less effective, since visitors and vendors may, themselves, come into contact with patients or healthcare staff who are interacting with immunocompromised patients.  

A New Approach To Infection Prevention That Dramatically Improves Patient Safety 

Proven in field trials performed by Pan-Access worldwide collective,, welloStation™ provides healthcare organizations with a new defense in the fight for patient safety.  The solution instantly screens vendors and visitors for fever, hands-free using infrared technology; identifies fevered persons and notifies staff to stop infection spread before it starts. This innovative approach to preventing infectious persons for entering high-risk areas, or exposing patients to highly contagious illnesses like the flu, creates a whole new approach to ensuring patient safety. 

See How welloStation™ Keeps Patients Safe From Infection Spread Using a Hands-Free Solution  


How The welloStation Works In Hospital Settings 


The welloStation™ is a hands-free, self service, high-volume fever screening unit capable of detecting fever using infrared technology.  When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an on-screen notification appears. Simultaneously, the individual’s time and date stamped photograph is immediately emailed confidentially to healthcare staff. 
This allows hospital employees to stay germ-free, and still take the appropriate next steps to prevent the fevered person from spreading infection to others.
For non-fevered persons, the welloStation™ prints out an “I’m wello” sticker. This badge identifies persons who have been screened and passed with a normal range temperature. The sticker can be worn during the time of their visit, positively identifying them as a non-fevered person.
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*Note, fever screening is not a diagnosis of fevered condition, however, it provides an added step of protection for your healthcare facility.

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