stop infection spread before it starts with wello®.

Hand washing, sanitization practices, and safe food handling protocols are all valuable best practices for controlling infection. However, all of these steps start after potentially contagious persons enter your facility.  

The wello family of products help you fight disease spread in three important ways:

Identifying fevered persons without exposing your staff to illness.
Notifying your staff of individuals who may be contagious.
Reducing the risk of disease spread and illness by keeping fevered persons away from those you employ and serve.

Explore our complete wello® family of products including welloStation™ for hands free, self-service fever screening and notification , SKYwello™ for automated food service and restaurant line check and protect yourself from exposure with wello Watch™.

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Protect Your Employees And Those You Serve From Infection

stop Foodborne Illness in restaurants

Running a restaurant requires hard work and attention to detail.  Fast paced meal preparation and your patrons’ high expectations can put food safety at risk as protocols are rushed or missed.  This can cause foodborne illness to spread resulting in harm to your customers and your brand.

Wello® solutions help stop the spread of foodborne illness in two novel, new ways.  

  • welloStation™ instantly fever screens your employees before they enter your kitchen, so you know the only ones working are fever-free.
  • SKYwello™ automatically performs regular line checks and notifies staff immediately of out of range temperatures.

You empowers you to immediately stop food contamination and illness spread, while ensuring your food is safe.

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When you are taking in a new inmate, you often do not know all the details or whereabouts of the individual prior to their arrest. This means they can be a infected with illness or disease which could spread to your staff and inmates within hours. This risk is too high a price to pay, when you can instantly and automatically check the temperature of inmates with welloStation™.

This hands-free self-service solution enables your medical staff to perform intake exams without having to come into direct contact with the inmate. Consider too, food preparation and line checks – automate those with the convenience of SKYwello™ to alleviate infection spread through foodborne illness.

Prevent infection and illness spread with the full suite of wello® solutions, and you’ll protect your staff and your inmates, automatically.

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It only takes one person to spread disease. Infectious carriers are often unaware of their state. Merely walking into the wrong part of your healthcare facility puts your patients and staff at risk, as well as, your reputation as a healthcare provider.

Use the welloStation™ solution for hands-free, self-service defense against the spread of disease. The wello solution is the only infection control system that notifies your health care workers of fevered persons immediately via email of potential exposure, while protecting them and your patient population from contagion spread.

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Isn’t Hand Washing Enough To Stop Disease Spread?

According to the CDC, hand washing is the number one way to stop disease spread and healthcare professionals worldwide follow this practice. However, hand washing alone does not isolate persons with elevated temperatures entering care facilities and high-risk patient treatment areas. That’s why we created a hands-free, self-service personal temperature screening solution capable of identifying well persons with time and date stamped facial recognition badges. If individuals have a higher than normal temperature, the wello solution goes beyond traditional screening to notify your staff immediately and discretely via email or text, without the risk of infection spread to healthcare workers or high-risk patients.

Learn How welloStation™ Helps Stop Infection


In response to the 2014 Ebola case detected in the area, Dallas ISD worked with Wello Holdings, Inc. to install multiple welloStation™ kiosks to screen for fever as students, staff and visitors entered schools. The stations enabled school nurses to detect out of normal range body temperature without physical contact, thereby reducing the risk of disease spread.

If a person with a high fever was detected, the welloStation™ would immediately send a confidential email notification with the individual’s picture to administrators. This process ensured better disease control by identifying healthy persons with picture-badge “I’m wello” stickers with the individual’s photo, time and date. This precautionary step allowed the schools to focus on serving well persons on campus, while keeping infection away from students, faculty and staff.

"I believe the WelloStation™ solution is truly an innovation in the area of infection prevention, because it empowers employers with the ability to protect the health of their employees, and the elements they touch, from the spread of infection and food borne disease. Wello combines a hands-free, self service kiosk empowered with an email alert to notify workers when a risk is present. I recommend the WelloStation™ as this technology shows many advantages.”

Darrel Hicks
Author of Infection Prevention for Dummies
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