Soft Surfaces in Healthcare: An Underappreciated Risk of Contamination and Infection Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Special guest, Darrel Hicks, an internationally recognized expert on infection prevention and control, as it relates to cleaning, shares how you can comply with new CMS / Joint Commission requirements for patient mattresses – which came into effect January 1, 2017. Listen now!

    The objectives for this important talk are:

  • Discuss the increasing focus on contamination in the Patient Hot Zone – The Bed and 36″ Around it
  • Define “soft surfaces” in the Patient Hot Zone
  • Evaluate soft surfaces and textiles as fomites – the growing body of evidence
  • Focus on patient bed mattresses and the specific problems they represent
  • Highlight new CMS / Joint Commission requirements for patient mattresses that were effective January 1, 2017, and learn what they mean and how to make sure you are in compliance.

Hospitals are now required to demonstrate proof of compliance with comply with manufacturer-recommended maintenance activities and schedules for soft surfaces in the patient area. Strict adherence is generally interpreted by CMS to mean completing 100% of the activities in a frequency identified by the organization.

A maintenance schedule for mattresses is typically, “At patient discharge, the cleaning person will inspect the mattress for breaks in the surface (holes, rips, tears, etc.). If any are found, the mattress must be taken out of service and replaced with an intact mattress, or a new mattress cover.”  Annually, each patient mattress must be inspected; takes about 45 minutes to complete and document.

About Darrell Hicks

In 2010, Hicks authored “Infection Prevention for Dummies”, a 43-page, pocket-size book with topics such as: Use cleaning techniques to keep infection at bay; Match the disinfectant to the situation; Understand disinfectant label claims; Keep your environment healthy.

He began his career in the management of housekeeping services in 1981 and recently retired as the former Director of Environmental services at a 500-bed, award-winning hospital in the United States. Mr. Hicks holds a BA, Master REH, CHESP, Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention (for Environmental Services Professionals), and is a Certified Expert Trainer.

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